Fiberglass windows

Fiberglass is known for its strength, durability and performance. It’s been used for decades to build boats, and has performed reliably in the unforgiving sea environment. Until recently, though, complex profiles required for window designs have been unattainable with fiberglass. But new manufacturing techniques made fiberglass windows a reality, and a superb choice for every season and any climate.

Extremely durable, won’t decay even if paint is scraped off
Extremely strong – can hold large expanses of glass
Energy efficient
Little expansion/contraction with temperature changes
Variety of factory-painted colors, yet paintable as well.

Typically more expensive than windows made out of vinyl or aluminum Fiberglass has few downsides. It was perfected over decades as the material of choice to build boats. Boat failure at sea is not an option. So the material has to be strong, durable, resistant to corrosion, sea impact, and have low expansion rate, to put less stress on seals – all qualities that make it a superb material for windows.

Moreover, wood veneer can be added to the interior, combining exterior fiberglass durability with the warmth and beauty of a wood interior.

Rayco Door and Windows offers fiberglass windows from leading window manufacturers:

Monte Verde