Wood Windows

395_mdhse_sfd_pic_rt_int_ang_11_mw_c1_highresWood has been used for hundreds of years as the most common choice for home windows. It’s easy to work with, strong, and a very good insulator. Wood complements many forms of traditional home architecture. Like any material though, wood offers both benefits and downsides:

Wood is visually appealing, especially with a clear finish emphasizing the natural wood appearance
Easy to paint, allowing wide choice of custom colors and designs
Able to be stained in a variety of finishes
Wood provides excellent insulation
Offers traditional look that fits many home styles

Exterior wooden frames require regular maintenance, even when sealed or painted, touch ups are required
If not properly sealed/painted, wooden windows can be prone to wood rot.

Nonetheless, a properly maintained wood window is a thing of beauty and can last for decades. Rayco Door and Window offers a wide choice of wooden windows to match any architectural style. We are an authorized dealer for following window manufacturers:

Monte Verde